Unlike in the West, volunteerism is not well developed in India. But a significant number of youth would like to participate in volunteering if only someone would show them the way. We welcome people of all ages who would like to make a contribution to the society in which they live and be instruments of change. Summer is the time when most colleges are closed and this is when young people can do something with their time that could make a difference to the lives of the poor and powerless around us.

Summer and winter are cruel months especially for the poor. Something as basic as clean drinking water or a blanket in winter is beyond the reach of most poor people and your efforts could start from there. You can join our outreach programme to provide midday meals in slum areas. We work extensively with children in slums and we welcome volunteers who can teach these children for a couple of hours.

Another area where volunteers can help us is in our effort to provide medical care to the elderly in rural and urban areas. With an aging population and shrinking families that are not able to take care of the elderly, this is a critical area of concern. Senior citizens have to be taken to hospitals, medicines administered and palliative care provided where there is no family at hand. At times there are forms to be filled up for pensions and other documentation that the old have to be helped with.

Volunteering is a very rewarding and for those who receive your care and compassion that is given unconditionally, it is a priceless gift. Our mission starts from grassroots and we welcome you as our partner to make our country a better place to live in. We have several training modules where you will be sensitized to problems. We are very willing to listen to suggestions from volunteers as they often bring in a fresh approach to problems. The atmosphere in our offices is very cheerful and we have a very democratic set up. Volunteering is special work that blesses the giver and the receiver alike.

Being a volunteer at TSW Foundation is quite simple, just download the form from the below link and send the dully filled application to tswfoundation@gmail.com, we shall contact you as and when required.

Download Volunteer Application Form